This cake has been making the rounds this week and someone found it was actually made right here in Texas.

What Happened with the Cake?

So I got on Twitter this week and saw this picture which gave me a chuckle. The cake designer thought this customer wanted an emo cake, so they started making...a black cake. Once they were done, they realized their mistake. This was supposed to be an Elmo cake. Crap! How can we make this work? Why not give Elmo an Emo haircut? That could work, right? Well it made for a good internet laugh, but the end result was this instead.

Actual Cake That Went to Customer

Screenshot from Tik Tok
Screenshot from Tik Tok

The cake you see of Elmo with an emo haircut was just made for fun and didn't actually go to the customer. The baker just did it for a laugh. Turns out though, the person that made this is located right here in Texas. Brinni Cakes is the Tik Tok account and she is an at home baker in El Paso. Looks like she sells treats at Farmer's Markets in the area.

Here's the Full Tik Tok Explaining the Situation

Follow Up Tik Tok Since She Has Gone Viral

Wasn't Emo Elmo a Thing Already?

I swear I had a distant memory of an emo Elmo before this cake and I had to find something. Yup, MadTV skit. Anybody remember Tickle Me Emo? Check it out below.

And Now the Emo Kid Song Because It Popped Into My Head

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