Volkswagen is resurrecting the iconic Microbus, which first came onto the scene in 1950.  The vehicle has many nicknames such as VW Bus, Transporter, Kombi, Microvan, or depending on your altered state of mind,  Hippie Van, Hippiemobile, and Cheechmobile.

VW is showing a concept version of the van at the 81st International Motor show in Geneva, Switzerland this week.  VW is now calling the vehicle by it's German nickname, the Bulli.  The concept has an electric powertrain and VW says the Bullie can go up to 186.4 miles on a single battery charge.  That's about 15 times farther than the subdivisions we see driving around now can go on one gallon of gas!  But if they every actually get the nod to go into production, which would be closer to 2014 or 2015,  the real thing would most likely have the usual VW unleaded and diesel engines.

Features of the van include a three person bench seat in the front and seats that fold flat into a double bed, both just like the original. The Bulli is also equipped with a panoramic sun roof, and a removable i-Pad that controls the climate control and Tunes.