The official name is Wally the Wonder Duck, but you have definitely seen him if you have driven down Southwest Parkway.

Local artist Ralph Stearns designed Wally the Wonder Duck a few years ago. At one point Wally was in our local lakes, but most recently you may have seen him in the small pond off of Southwest Parkway. Sadly, if you drive down Southwest Parkway, Wally is gone.


No, he was not stolen and he did not get hunted like other famous ducks throughout history. So where is Wally? You can find him currently relaxing at Simpson Carpet Company off of Seymour Highway. Ralph says you can go stop on by to see Wally and take some photos if you like.

However, if you really love Wally, he can be yours. Ralph Stearns is asking for $8,000 for Wally and that does include the custom trailer to take Wally around. I got to admit, I kinda want to make a giant Ernie so he can have a giant duck to play with. Unfortunately, I don't have that kind of money to afford our favorite Wichita Falls duck.


If you or someone you know would like to buy Wally, hit Ralph up on his Facebook page. Hopefully Wally finds a good home.

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