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Pollsters are still taking a look back at the 2020 Election and gauging the public's opinion on whether or not there was widespread voter fraud in the United States.

A new survey out this week from the University of Houston Hobby School of Public Affairs looked at how Texans felt about the 2020 Election and if Texans believed their was widespread fraud. According to the survey, 55% of Texans believed their was no widespread fraud. However, when breaking down the numbers there is a difference between how Republicans and Democrats thought the election went.

The findings of the statewide survey by the University of Houston Hobby School of Public Affairs indicate a sharp partisan difference on the issue with 87% of Democrats believing there was no widespread election fraud and 83% of Republicans believing that there was.

Hobby School founding dean and former state senator Kirk P. Watson pointed out that there has been unprecedented discussion over election integrity, including during the presidential transition, and some of it is false.

“While a sizeable number of Texans believe that voter fraud occurred last November, a majority of Texans don’t agree,” Watson said. “We can and should build on that foundation of trust in our elections through education and potential reforms that protect election integrity without resulting in voter suppression.”

The poll also found that 83% of Texans were against the January 6th riots at the U.S. Capitol.

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