May their marriage be much better than that Cowboy game yesterday.

At least the game ended well and that’s the main thing. But still, it was rocky as hell.

Anyway, a video shared on Twitter of a man proposing to his girlfriend during yesterday’s game against the Texans is getting quite a bit of attention today. Mostly for the right reasons, but you know how Twitter is. Trolls are gonna troll.

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But not me, though. I love the idea. And I know my wife would have loved it, too. We’re a couple of diehard Cowboy fans who wear our fandom on our sleeves and would wear the story of where we got engaged out. Seriously – our friends would be like “we know” after we told them the story for the umpteenth time.

So, I’m a little bit envious of my man. He and his bride-to-be have a great story to tell.

However, if the Cowboys had lost, it might be a different story. I’m admittedly a tad bit superstitious, so I probably would’ve laid the blame for the loss squarely on my shoulders.

But they didn’t. So, I’m going to credit the win to my fellow Cowboy fan for popping the question during the game yesterday.

Sure, Dak led the team on an amazing drive to seal the comeback in the fourth quarter, but surely he was feeding off the positive vibes that were pulsing through AT&T Stadium after she said yes. Right?

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