know I can see the photos of the house right?

I feel like Dan Cook took Lionel Hutz' realty class from 'The Simpsons' when writing this listing.

You need to hype up the houses you're selling as a realtor. Trust me I get it. However, this house for sale in Wichita Falls at 814 Tulsa Street is well...interesting. Now if it were me, I would have opened up about the location in Wichita Falls or how this is a great fixer upper opportunity in Wichita Falls. Dan though, decided to describe this residence as 'Cute as a button!"

Dan first of all, exclamation point is not warranted for this house at all. I would use that describe a puppy trying to walk. Not this house, Dan you put up photos of this house. How is it in anyway cute?

Front of the House

Not a bad view from the front, wouldn't call it cute. Let's head to the back.

Back of House

Remember folks 'Cute as a Button!', DON"T YOU DARE FORGET THE EXCLAMATION POINT.


Maybe it's cute that my leg can fall through the house on the way to the bathroom.


Side Hallway

I'll just assume that red stuff on the floor is paint and not blood. If you're interested in the property for $29,279 you can check it out over here. Dan stresses that you need to see this one in person before you judge it. You know what Dan...I think I'm gonna pass on this one. I would demolish this cute as a button house and probably start over if it were me.

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