What now looks like a quaint suburban home, actually has a wild past. The amount of drugs, sex, and debauchery that went on in this house back in the day would send many homebuyers to the next house on the market.

When it comes to famous Dallas sport's houses, I would say there are two.

One is of late Pantera drummer Vinnie Paul's house where the Dallas Stars had epic parties at back in the late 90's. Including one where the Stanley Cup was allegedly dented. Yikes.

The second famous Dallas sport's house is the Dallas Cowboys' "White House." During the mid to late 90's, the Dallas Cowboys were the talk of the NFL. With that amount of fame, the players were faced with a lot of pressure, and obviously, needed to blow off some steam occasionally. Recently, former Cowboys wide receiver Michael Irvin admitted in an interview that he would throw parties at hotels and apartments, but would often get noise complaints. So he thought, "what if they had a house where they could simply throw parties at?"

A house was chosen not too far away from the Dallas Cowboys practice facilities, in a suburban Irving, Texas, neighborhood called Valley Ranch. Funny enough, the road it sits on is named after a former Dallas Cowboy. The infamous Cowboys White House was built in 1994 at 115 Dorsett Drive in Irving, Texas, and it looks like the good times there only lasted till about 1996.

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According to reports, the home basically turned into a modern day brothel. A man by the name of Anthony “Paco” Montoya, who was Michael Irvin's assistant at the time, goes into great detail of what went down at the Cowboys White House at its peak. He had two jobs: get girls there and make sure the house was "stocked." He said at a certain point, the girls just came there on their own to check out the crazy parties.

“It was just a non-stop party, non-stop orgy. Everything you can imagine, then triple it,” said Montoya to FansNation in an interview.

After all this I was curious, what does the house look like today? Looks like someone actually bought it last year and below is the most recent realty photos. If I hit the Powerball tonight, I think I have to buy this house just for the history. You know some drugs HAVE to still be hiding somewhere in this house.

What Does the Dallas Cowboys Infamous 'White House' Look Like Today?

Back in the mid 90's during the Dallas Cowboys Super Bowl Dynasty, several members of the team went and partied at a house not too far away from the Dallas Cowboys practice facility. The home is located in a suburban neighborhood in Irving, Texas. The stories of sex and drugs are legends at this point. So, what does the house look like today? Check it out below.

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