If you like some good ole fashioned Wichita Falls drama, look no further than what is going on downtown right now with the Farmer's Market.

If you have never been to the downtown Farmer's Market, I highly recommend you go check it out. When you think of a Farmer's Market, you probably think of people selling food. The market is more than that, I know artists and folks that sell other goodies are their as well. It's a great place to go stroll through when it's open for an event.

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Well it looks like our Downtown Farmer's Market could be leaving downtown if things don't change. Looks like Downtown Wichita Falls Development is wanting to raise the lease for the property. Currently they pay $750 for the month. The new plan is to raise it to $1,350, which is a big increase. Honestly though, I can understand the increase in the lease. Here is where it gets ridiculous.

They also want half of the Association's profits. Uhm excuse me? Don't get me wrong, I know some businesses run like this.  Well good news folks, if you don't like that plan you can now pay a monthly lease of $3,450. Fair, right?

Looks like the Downtown Farmer's Market is trying to negotiate with Downtown Development for a fair deal because what they have offered so far is not fair in many folks eyes. If you would like to help, you can sign this petition that the Downtown Farmer's Market has started.

Over the weekend, Downtown Wichita Falls Development released a statement on the situation saying this is to prevent an increase on the taxpayers. I would say if things don't change in these agreements, it looks like our Farmer's Market downtown could be no more. It would move elsewhere in the city because it looks like from this petition, they can't afford to be there with these prices.

We will see how negotiations go.

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