Currently in Wichita Falls it's feeling like summer may never end. It's late September, but the highs are still in the upper 90's all this week and heat indexes are in the 100's. While it's starting to look like Autumn may never come, there is one thing we can be certain about: it will eventually be winter.

The winter weather forecasts are out for this season and it's not looking like it's going to be too bad for Texoma. Winter of 2015-2016 was feeling the effects of El Nino. There were colder than normal temperatures in the region and much more precipitation than normal. This year it looks like we're going the opposite route.


The National Weather Services Climate Prediction Center's outlook for November, December and January has most of Texoma slightly warmer than average temperatures. The Farmer's Almanac backs this up, too. Their winter weather forecast sees especially high temps for the region in December. Both sources also see lower than average precipitation for the area.


While previous winters have had more precipitation, don't be expecting many snow days at WFISD schools this year. The Farmer's Almanac is predicting just normal amounts of snow this season and with the predicted above average temps, the snow won't stick around for long. They say the most chances for snow will come in late November, late December, and early February, so, there may be a chance for a white Christmas in Wichita Falls.

Don't forget, you can always get your forecast and see free radar of the area right here on this website. Just go to the Weather button at the top of the page anytime. Also, whenever the weather turns severe, listen live to this station and we'll get you the latest information.