Today is March 10th, which is nothing special. Unless, you abbreviate it to Mar.10 and this has become the unofficial day for our favorite plumber.

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These stupid made up holidays I usually hate. However, this week is the exception. Super Mario Day and Austin 3:16 Day in the span of the same week always bring a smile to my face. Stone Cold Steve Austin and Super Mario were a massive part of my childhood. So if you grew up in the late 90's like myself, you probably enjoy these days as well.


Last year, I did a story on the best ways to celebrate Super Mario Day. Since I am a super nerd, I am once again doing something for this holiday. I have decided to do figure out where our favorite Super Mario characters would hang out in our city. I am going to keep this strictly to the characters in the Mario Kart 64 game.


I got work to get done today. So sorry Pauline, Boo, Petey Piranha, and the rest. Maybe I will do you guys next year. Basically, if you could pick the character in Mario Kart, you make the list. I also judge people on their Mario Kart character choice. Since I am a jerk in real life, I usually go with Bower or Wario. Terrible on acceleration, but their top speed is the best.

Where Would Your Favorite Mario Characters Hang Out in Wichita Falls?

Today I decided to be a big old nerd and think of where all of the Mario Kart 64 characters would hang out in our city. Check it out below.

Weird Historical Markers in Texoma

You probably know about some of this Historical Markers throughout Texoma. Maybe something signfying one of our schools or the Hotter N' Hell Hundred . Maybe one of the famous Wichitans like Joseph Kemp or Frank Kell. Today though, I want to share some of the less well known historical markers in Texoma.

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