The model pictured above looks terrible.  She looks like she could die of starvation any second.   Someone, please, get this woman a cheeseburger quick!  Years ago I worked with a woman in her late 20’s who was married to a man at least 10 years her senior.  She often described herself as his ‘trophy wife’.  Several people commented on her weight loss over a period of months and her response was ‘my man likes his women Barbie Doll thin’.  Even back then, that logic struck me as crazy.  Why would any woman want to be that thin?  She truly began to look ill.

An article in today’s International Business Times quotes a former Vogue Australia Editor, Kirstie Clements, as saying in her tell all book The Vogue Factor, that models have resorted to eating tissues to feel full and stay thin.  Tissues?  Really?  How sick in the head do you have to be to think this is a good idea?  And what does it say about the modeling industry if they would allow such to happen?  The mentality is rooted in the desire to be desirable.  If this is what you desire, you really need your head examined.

I think most men, most American men anyhow, actually like women with a little meat on their bones.  A model pictured in the IBT article looks even more anorexic than the model pictured on this page.  Most of these women in the fashion world look awful.  And then there are the clothes.  Who actually wears that crap?  No one I’ve ever known.  Now, take the other end of the spectrum, the models featured  Now these ladies actually look normal.  I can admire a woman who enjoys a good cheeseburger.  A woman who eats tissues-that’s just disgusting.  These women just cannot be healthy being this thin.

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