So I discovered a guy that writes songs about Texas towns and cities. His one for Wichita Falls is...interesting.

So I Stumbled On This Tik Tok Today

One thing that's nice about Tik Tok is searching by song title to see what people create with music. I happened to stumble on this song about Wichita Falls that apparantly is over a decade old. I legit have never heard this before but apparently it's from a guy named Matt Farley.

The Guy Who Writes Songs About Cities and Towns

This dude puts out full albums on every state talking guessed it. The cities in towns in the state. He made 90 songs about Texas towns and cities. The only other city he did in our area would be Vernon, which you can listen to below.

The Vernon, Texas Song

I actually think the Wichita Falls one is better than the Vernon one. The guy who sings about cities and towns has made full albums dedicated to several other states as well if you want to go check him out. If I had a morning radio show, I would maybe use this as my intro music every day to get things started, but that would get annoying fast I would think.

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We have had several songs written about Wichita Falls throughout the years, but this one has to be near the top for most annoying all time. So congratulations to the guy that sings about cities and towns, you won't be forgotten.

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