Themed nights are popular at bars, but I don't think I have ever seen a spelling bee.

I don't go out as often to the bars as I did in college here in Wichita Falls. My old roommates and I would typically go out Sunday through Wednesday to drink at bars, which tend to be the slow nights at a bar. You will see bars around town do trivia, karaoke or maybe an open mic to get people to come out on these particular nights.

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The Deep End is going to try something out, that I have personally never seen at a bar. A spelling bee. Now this is actually going down this Saturday at 9:30. Sorry kids, adults only. However, I am sure your average third grader can currently spell better than me at this point in my life.


The Deep End says no fancy words for this competition, just easy every day words. The winner will be getting fifty bucks. So if you think you know your s***. Get on down to The Deep End this Saturday and test your knowledge. Easy money for you if you think you can win.


Even if you don't win, you can still enjoy The Deep End's awesome arcade. I highly recommend the TMNT pinball machine they got in not too long ago. Best of luck to all the spellers out there.

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