The bright side is that at least we Texans know how to spell the name of the state we live in.

Google recently released the results of its annual study to determine each state’s most common “How do you spell…” searches and Texas was in line with the majority with “quarantine” being the top search.

The results of the study are usually released in conjunction with the National Spelling Bee, which was canceled due to the coronavirus pandemic, but luckily, they went ahead and released the results because there are some real doozies in there.

I can understand “quarantine” as its not the easiest word to spell. Aside from Texas, people in Washington, Arizona, Colorado, Minnesota, Louisiana, Florida, Pennsylvania, and New York all searched for that one more than anything else.

The second most searched spelling is “canceled.” That’s another one I can understand as there’s a debate over whether or not it has one “L” or two. However, most people in the United States go with one.

And then you have “Virginia.” While it’s maybe not the easiest word in the English language to spell, one would expect people who live there to know how it’s spelled. In their defense, however, Virginia has a whole lot of military bases, including the largest naval base in the world, so I’ll chalk that one up to newly transferred military personnel looking it up.

Now here’s where it gets really fun. The word people in Kansas struggled most to spell over the last year is “cook.” I don’t wanna piss anybody off, but I’m pretty show most first graders can spell that one.

Check out the map here.

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