I can't believe I live in a community that honestly has this. Whoever voted yes for this should be ashamed of themselves.

A few times a year, I see a national story of someone that calls the cops on kids playing basketball. Seriously, this happens in our country and I can't believe we're getting mad at kids for playing basketball in their own neighborhoods. The video below is an example for Florida where some kids had a cop show up for simply playing basketball in the middle of the day. The cop ended up playing with the kids and a few days later showed up with Shaq.

I always think to myself, thank goodness I don't live in a backwards town that thinks like this. Well guess what, welcome to Wichita Falls, Texas. The town that is now going viral for their bulls*** basketball city ordinance. I could not believe what I was reading this past weekend from KAUZ.

Apparently, last month in Wichita Falls, families received letters in the mail that their basketball hoops had to come down. “It has connected us with our community, with the kids, with our neighbors,” said Wichita Falls resident Troy Nottingham. “We would watch the children play while we visited outside and now that has to go. It borderline felt like my son was being bullied.”

City Services officials told KAUZ the problem is that the hoops are considered facilities and when they are in the public right of way, it goes against code. OH GET THE F*** OUT OF HERE WITH THAT STATEMENT! They're acting like a bouncy house is in the middle of the street. It's a basketball hoop, we have all avoided basketball hoops while driving down the street.

The city says no citations have been issued yet, but neighbors are making the push to work with the city council on a compromise to keep their hoops and sense of community intact. I would suggest everyone in Wichita Falls pays attention to what the city council does here and remember the next time you're voting if you want these people representing your area.

Did all of you not have childhoods? I definitely spent time in my neighborhood playing basketball with my neighbors. All I ever hear from the older generation is that kids nowadays are on their phones or playing video games. Hell, I see why because in Wichita Falls you will get the cops called on you for playing basketball.

Screenshot from City of Wichita Falls website.
Screenshot from City of Wichita Falls website.

Yes the city of Wichita Falls website says YOU SHOULD CALL THE WICHITA FALLS POLICE DEPARTMENT about basketball hoops. Are you f***ing kidding me?! I swear if anyone in this town calls about a basketball hoop you're officially the most Karen person to ever exist in this city. Let the kids play basketball in their neighborhoods. I can't believe I have to write a story on this. Do the right thing Wichita Falls.

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