It's always fun when we get to tell you of a local person who's doing really well on the national scene. Today's story is about Alexandra Eavenson, a Wichita Falls cake designer who's participating in a nationwide baking contest called The Greatest Baker.

She's doing pretty well too. She's started in a world wide pool of more than 50,000 bakers and has made it into the top 1%. She's currently in the semi-final round and now she needs your votes to help her move on.

Stacked From Scratch via facebook

Alexandra, or Alex, is the owner and operator of Stacked From Scratch here in Wichita Falls. Perhaps you've already used her for a custom cake for a birthday, anniversary, graduation, wedding, or any occasion that called for some custom baking and decorating.

Alex Eavenson via Facebook

The Greatest Baker competition is currently in the Semi-Final round and voting ends Thanksgiving day at 10:00 p.m. our time. You can vote once a day from each of your digital devices. Alex is currently in 2nd place, let's put her over the top and help her move on.

The Greatest Baker is hosted by Jen Barney, two-time Food Network Baking Champion and owner of the Merengue Bakery & Cafe. This season also benefits No Kid Hungry, a movement of teachers, chefs, community leaders, parents and others who believe that no kid in America should go hungry.

It's always fun when we get to tell you about someone from Wichita Falls who's doing really well on the national scene, it's even more fun when we get to help so get those votes in now!

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