If you have child that has sensory needs, good news. Chuck E. Cheese will be making some changes this month on Sundays.

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In case you did not know, April is autism awareness month. To shine some light on this month, Chuck E. Cheese wants to help out those children with autism or other sensory needs. A trip to Chuck E. Cheese on a normal day can be a little overwhelming for them and the family as well.


So Chuck E. Cheese will open two hours earlier on Sundays for these kids. If you attend, they will have reduced lighting and noise so children with sensory disorders can also enjoy a day of fun. This is taking place on all Sundays this month (except April 17th for Easter) at select Chuck E. Cheese locations.


Good news Wichita Falls, we get every Sunday! If you take a look at the location map, only fourteen Chuck E. Cheeses in the whole state of Texas are doing this every Sunday in April. Once again, not Easter Sunday (April 17th). Fun fact, I actually worked for this Chuck E. Cheese in college when I was going to Midwestern State.


Also, to our neighbors in Lawton, your location is doing this as well. In fact, Lawton is the only location in Oklahoma doing it all three weeks. So if you have a kid with sensory needs, take them the next few weeks. Chuck E. Cheese normally opens at 11AM on Sundays, so that means this event will start at 9AM.

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