I knew it wasn't real right away, but why can't it be?

Today's the day where you don't believe anything you see or hear. Every story you do a double check on. It looks like the Downtown Wichita Falls Development folks wanted to get in on the fun and let us know about the new topiaries coming to downtown Wichita Falls.

F*** yes, dragons! Not a bad little Photoshop here, but could you imagine if this was real? Who wouldn't want dragons all over downtown Wichita Falls? Hell if a gardener in Wichita Falls wants to make one for my front yard, let me know. Someone commented they should start a fundraiser for some.

Yes, I will chip in a few bucks for these. By the way, according to 'The Simpsons' today is the 1,000th anniversary of the first April Fool's joke. This apparently took place on April 1st, 1022. I am filled with useless 'Simpsons' trivia info and the April Fool's episode is one of the best.

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Hopefully nobody pulled an evil April Fool's joke on you today. I think the dragons were a simple and fun joke for today. I love how nobody thinks it's a bad idea. You might have to follow through with this Downtown Wichita Falls Development. Get some dragons in Wichita Falls stat!

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