Tulsa, Oklahoma based ride share, TRIDE, has announced today as the official launch date for their operations in Wichita Falls.

TRIDE will be the first of its kind to operate here since the City Council’s recent passage of the rideshare ordinance that allows technology based companies to operate here.

According to a press release from the Wichita Falls Chamber of Commerce:

We are excited to be able to announce a launch in Wichita Falls on December 1st. Everything has came together quickly and we anticipate a successful launch," said Mack Parks and Blake Litton, Co-owners and Co-founders, in a combined statement. During recent market studies, conducted by TRIDE management, the company has decided to move forward with opening a branch of operations in Wichita Falls. Parks said, "We have drivers available to service ride requests as soon as we go live. We are still adding drivers at this time and anyone interested can sign up on our website, rideTRIDE.com.

TRIDE also pointed out in the release that the company already has drivers who have been onboarded and have gone through the fingerprinting and background checks in accordance with city ordinances.

For more info on how to sign up to ride or drive with TRIDE:
Ridetride.com | Facebook.com/TRIDEWFTX | info@ridetride.com

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