Need to look something up? The vast majority of people are going to Google. So what were the trending searches for Wichita Falls?

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I'm always curious with these year end post results because it makes me think about what everyone else is up to in town. So let's take a look at Wichita Falls' Google year end review.

The Fragrance Foundation Media Connections Brunch
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Brunch Near Me

People looking for brunch spots in town is so popular that we were the only city in America to have "brunch spots near me" as a top search for near me results. Fun fact, the top ten highest rated bunch spots in Wichita Falls that we wrote is a top three result. If you're looking for brunch, check those places out.

Alfred Dunhill Championship - Previews
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Yeah, the most popular animal search for Wichita Falls is for hippos? Is someone in town planning to open a Tiger King style park, but for hippos? By the way, screw that! Hippos are EXTREMELY dangerous. They're Africa's deadliest mammal. They can bite with the pressure of 2000 pounds per square inch. A lion has half that. Thanks Google.

Axe Throwing Becomes Recreational Trend
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Ax Throwing

This one is not surprising to me. Apparently a lot of folks are looking for ax throwing places in town and we have had a few open up recently. This is another one where we were the only city to have "ax throwing near me", as a top near me post for the year. Which place do you go to in Wichita Falls to blow off some steam?

Tom Collins?

Yeah, apparently a lot of people were looking up drink recipes for Tom Collins in town. I will be honest, the only thing I know about this drink is that the Dad in 'Meet the Parents' drinks them. So if you want one like Robert De Niro, watch the video above.

2015 Stagecoach California's Country Music Festival - Day 2
Kevin Winter

Country Music

Apparently the most popular music search for Wichita Falls is country music. Can I make suggestion and tell you to check out 102.3 the Bull. I hear they're the best in town. Go Google country music in Wichita Falls, who has the first result? Checkmate

Final Top Ten Trending Searches for 2022:


  • wildfires near me
  • motorcycle repair near me
  • diesel prices near me
  • ax throwing near me
  • remote jobs near me
  • police station near me
  • nutrition store near me
  • at home covid test near me
  • brunch near me
  • pizza place near me

So how many of you looked up any of information above this year? I know I helped contribute to some of these stats. Still trying to figure out the hippo one, but the rest make sense to me.

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