To whoever this is, give them one more chance. They plastered it for everyone to see.

What an exciting week for Wichita Falls graffiti. We had the, "Have a Good Day Fat Bitch", which I have seen people sharing all over the world. Which I have been told has been taken down.


Come on Wichita Falls, we couldn't look the other way on this one? People really seemed to get a smile seeing that one everyday. Well, it looks like we have another one getting some attention. No profanity involved this time.

This time we have someone looking for a second chance. I am assuming at love.


Is this the modern day version of holding a boombox outside someone's window and professing your love for them? Hey I tagged one of the poles in town. Hopefully the person knows that the message is for them. Sounds like maybe you call them weirdo all the time. So weirdo, what's the answer? Do we give them a second chance or nah.

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We will patiently be waiting for an answer. Speaking of patiently waiting for an answer. Hey Wichita Falls, where's Dumpster Rick?

Townsquare Media
Townsquare Media

McDonald's is apparently bringing back Szechuan sauce on March 31st. I think Dumpster Rick needs to come back to Wichita Falls on that day as well. I will not stop harassing the city until we get Dumpster Rick back on the streets serving the city.

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