Well looks like the mystery is over as to who won that recent lottery jackpot and we know what they spent some of the money on.

Exactly one week ago, we let you know that someone in Wichita Falls won 15.25 million dollars in a recent Texas Lottery drawing. We were trying to find out who won and what they were planning to do with the money. Well, we found out in one of the strangest ways possible. Looks like the parents of Jason Wayne Carlile won the recent lottery and they used some of the money to bond their son out of the Wichita County Jail.

Jason Wayne Carlile has been in jail since December of last year. He has been accused of allegedly sexually assaulting a child younger than 14 years old in 2006. Carlile was indicted back in 2015 according to KAUZ. He was bonded out on November third, just a few days after the big lottery winner announcement.

Looks like prosecutors wanted restrictions placed on Carlise due to his parent's recent lottery winnings. Prosecutors are worried Carlise could try to flee with some money from his parents, so he will have to follow some rules until his next court date on December 10. Judge Barney Fudge ordered Carlile be required to wear a GPS monitor, remain in Wichita County and live at his mother’s house.

Of all the things that I would have thought people would have spent their lottery winnings on, would have never seen this one coming.

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