No way I would have guessed this one if you gave me a thousand tries. 

2017, the year where I am expecting one hundred Pennywise ripoffs next Tuesday. Turns out, not here in Wichita Falls. In fact, a clown costume didn't even make it into the top five here. Wonder Woman would be my other guess for most popular. Harley Quinn won last year because 'Suicide Squad' came out over the summer.

Map Courtesy of Frightgeist

'Wonder Woman' was one of the biggest movies of the summer, but she barely made the list at number five. So who on Earth is number one here in Wichita Falls? Chucky the creepy killer doll, who just had a new movie come out this past week. Kind of surprising in my book.

The full top five list of the most popular Halloween costumes in Wicihta Falls, according to Frightgeist using Google trends, is below.

  • 1


    Photo Courtesy of Spirit
  • 2


    Photo Courtesy of Spirit
  • 3

    Minnie Mouse

    Photo Courtesy of Spirit
  • 4

    Paw Patrol

    Photo Courtesy of Spirit
  • 5

    Wonder Woman

    Photo Courtesy of Spirit