The Nighthawks want to play football this year but due to an injunction, they cannot play.  

The Nighthawks have decided to change leagues leaving the Indoor Football League for the Champions Indoor Football League. The old league the Nighthawks were in are claiming they withdrew improperly. "Basically, they felt we didn't dot an 'I' or cross a 't' properly. It left us no legal option to play in 2018,” said owner Drew Carnes. 

The disagreement comes between the two leagues not allowing certain teams to leave. Wichita Falls and Sioux Falls are trying to get into the new league in exchange for Bloomington and West Michigan to leave the Champions Indoor Football League. This deal did not go through and they're currently in an injunction and a lawsuit would cost the Nighthawks around $150,000 in legal fees.

The Nighthawks will not be returning to their old league because of the cost of travel for the team. Which is the reason why they wanted to leave. The closest team to the Nighthawks in their old league was 500 miles away. Carnes would not give TRN a likely hood on the percentage that the Nighthawks would be there in 2019.

As of right now, the city of Wichita Falls has no professional sports team and that is just not good in my book. Hopefully, something works out and we can get some action back in Kay Yeager Coliseum.

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