Looks like the new coach of the Wichita Falls Nighthawks is starting his career in Wichita Falls with a laugh. 

Yesterday, the Wichita Falls Nighthawks had a press conference to introduce the team's new coach, Billy Back. You can check out the full press conference here if you want all of the news for the upcoming season; however, there was a funny little moment during the conference that I wanted to share with you.

The banner that is behind every sports athlete during a press conference always features the team name/logo and a sponsor. The Nighthawks are no different and have their own banner. Unfortunately, someone didn't secure the banner properly and it fell right on our new coach of the Nighthawks. Thankfully it wasn't heavy, so no damage was done.

Watch the blooper in the video above, and good luck to the Nighthawks on the upcoming season.

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