Some cities offer you money for helping save water. Why does Wichita Falls not do this?

Ever Heard of a Water Rebate?

Here in Wichita Falls, our lake levels went below 65% last week and that means we're in Stage 1 of water restrictions. If you don't know about that, I have a lovely story on that over here. Basically, it's a way for us to be saving water during this time. However, other Texas cities will actually give you money for helping save water.

El Paso 'Cash for Comode'

So I happened to stumble upon this today. El Paso is willing to give you some money if you're willing to install water efficient toilets in your home. The specific toilets in question use just over one gallon of water per flush. While your average toilet uses around six gallons per flush. You help save the city water and the city will help you out. Sounds like a great plan. You can get up to two toilets credited back to you.

Why Does Wichita Falls Not Have This?

I called the Water Department in Wichita Falls to ask if any program like this exists and sadly it does not. I decided to look online for anything and of course when you Google Wichita Falls. Wichita, Kansas comes up. Holy crap do they offer an insane amount of water rebates.

What Do Our Friends in Wichita, Kansas Offer?

  • $100 Rebate for Water Efficient Clothes Washer
  • $100 Rebate for Water Efficient Dish Washer
  • $50 Rebate for Dual Flush Toilet
  • $75 Rebate for Rain Water Barrel
  • $100 Rebate for Rain Sensor Shutoff on Sprinkler System
  • $75 Rebate for Water Efficient Shower Head
  • $100 Rebate for Smart Irrigation System
  • $100 Rebate for Water Efficient Toilet

Basically the city of Wichita, Kansas can offer $100,000 in rebates every year. If someone installs one of the above devices in their home in the calendar year, they can apply for the rebate. Once the $100,000 is gone, it's gone for the year.

Just an Idea for Wichita Falls

Hopefully we don't go back to recycling our water in Wichita Falls, but hey anything is possible with how hot it has been. Also, our lack of rain the past few weeks. Hopefully this is something the city of Wichita Falls could one day put in place. Helps save the city water and also helps out the citizens of Wichita Falls.

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