A Wichita Falls woman was arrested in Rhome after a bizarre encounter with a Wise County Deputy and a Rhome police officer.

In the YouTube video below, 40-year-old Amy Hedtke gets into a verbal confrontation with the officers. Hedtke was stopped for speeding Tuesday evening and during the stop, Hedtke’s teenage son got out of the vehicle. One of the officers ordered the teen to get back in the vehicle and that’s when Hedtke began to record the encounter and things began to escalate.

Hedtke is described by some as a ‘liberty activist’. Most recently she was in Austin supporting ‘Constitutional carry’, or the unlicensed, unregulated carrying of any firearm. Hedtke is also reportedly spearheading a movement to oppose the upcoming Wichita Falls ISD bond election. She told CBS 11 in Dallas that her arrest in Rhome was not the result of the alleged offenses, but rather “pissing off a police officer“.

Hedtke was arrested and charged with failure to obey a lawful order, failure to register a vehicle and failure to changer her address on her driver’s license. All of the charges are Class C Misdemeanors. CBS 11 reports that Hedtke has retained an attorney and plans to fight the charges.

Hedtke apparently has a well-earned reputation as a lightning rod for controversy. In January 2013, Ellis County Judge Carol Bush had Hedtke ejected from a county commissioners meeting for taking photos during a court meeting and posting the photos to her personal Facebook page.