Well everybody, I think I have found the worst person living in our city.

This past Saturday we had so many great events going on in our city. I was able to judge the costume contest at Halloween in the Park over in Lucy Park and it was so great to see so many people come out to that event. An event like that really brings Wichita Falls together. Unfortunately, when I got home that night I was truly disgusted with someone in our city.

Someone in our city that I know a lot of people know is Marcus McGee. Super friendly guy in town and I am sure many of you have been to his arcade downtown called Maniac's Mansion. I highly recommend you check it out at some point if you have never been before. Grab a bowl of cereal and play some video games? Yeah, my kind of place.

As many of you know, Marcus is also a DJ. He helps out with many events around town. In fact, when I go broadcast at events, Marcus and I are sometimes working at the same time. He's an awesome guy and would be willing to help anyone out. Unfortunately at a gig this past weekend, someone was a real piece of s***.

Outside of Maniac's Mansion, Marcus was helping out with the Weightless Yoga event raising money for breast cancer awareness. Folks were doing yoga and Marcus was supplying the music. Unfortunately, someone decided to do a drive by and egg Marcus. His business was hit, his equipment was hit and his daughter was almost hit with an egg as well.

I know one person doesn't represent Wichita Falls, but Jesus does this look bad on our city. Egging a breast cancer awareness event? I don't even know how we could get any lower than that. So here is what I am asking you to do it. Let's turn a negative into a positive.

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I reached out to the group that put on the event. They're still accepting donations at this time that will go towards breast cancer research. You can do so at the link here. Also, at some point over the next few weeks. Show Marcus some love and hit up Maniac's Mansion. I suggest getting the cereal and arcade play combo. A nice bowl of cereal after a couple hours of arcade games always hits the spot.

One last thing, nowadays, people that usually do something like this are dumb enough to videotape it. If you have any proof of someone egging this crowd on Saturday, feel free to privately message me. I know some folks who would love to have a nice conversation with them.

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