What have I stumbled upon today?

When you think of a themed bar for a city, you think of a major city, right? Like I want have a New York City theme or a Chicago theme? Well it looks like someone has been inspired by Wichita Falls over in Gruene, Texas.

Check Out Wichita Reds

That's right, this bar is showing love to the Wichita Falls Red Draw and judging by their logo. The Old High Coyotes. I am sure the school administration would not approve of the high school mascot drinking a beer, but I love it!

Where Did This Place Come From?

Looks like the establishment used to be called Cactus Jack's.


At some point in 2022, the owners decided to rebrand the place and go all in on our famous Wichita Falls drink. Looks like Wichita Reds offers food and does live music throughout the week as well. Just looks like a chill place to go have a Red Draw.

Live Music Venue as Well

Cool Place to Hang Out and Play Some Games

I have to be honest, whenever I order a Red Draw outside of Wichita Falls, people look at me like I have three heads. "What the hell is that?", is the response I typically get back. Well turns out we have some friends over in Gruene, Texas are ready to make one for you. Gruene is about a ten minute drive from New Braunfels, Texas so if you're heading that way, be sure you stop on in Wichita Reds to let me know how it is.

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