Corporate officials noticed a couple grand missing from their weekly deposits and caught the culprit red handed.

Looks like the Sonic on Sheppard Access Road is looking for a new assistant manager. Samantha Gipson was busted stealing money from the weekly deposits. They noticed around $3,000 was missing and that they were all missing from the afternoon deposits. Gipson was caught on surveillance cameras taking money out of the deposits and putting them in her purse.

Wichita Falls police reviewed the tapes and over a three day period, Gipson took money out of the deposits. Police said they were also shown a text message from Gipson to the manager on May 6 asking, quote: “Can I pay some of it in the morning, can I do that please?” Samantha Gipson was booked into jail on May 12 on a charge of theft over $2,500.

Corporate may not notice a few dollars missing here or there. They're DEFINITELY going to notice around $3,000 missing in just a few weeks. This is also not the first time Gipson has gotten herself in trouble. Court records show Gipson has convictions for forgery in 2016 and theft in 2015, and jail records show she was arrested on a burglary charge in 2013.

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