A woman on TikTok went viral after revealing she wore white to a friend's wedding. Naturally, she was met with some backlash.

TikTok user @laceyjadechristie initially posted a clip showing her wearing a chic white dress with a low-cut neck and long sleeves.

In her caption, she included #weddingguest, making it clear the outfit was for a wedding despite the dress being white — a well-known fashion faux pas when it comes to weddings.

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Viewers criticized her in the comments.

One person called the dress "too revealing," while another wrote guests should "never wear white to a wedding."

After receiving the backlash, @laceyjadechristie posted a follow-up video slamming people's "outdated views" regarding wedding traditions.

Is It OK to Wear White to a Wedding?

In her TikTok video, user @laceyjadechristie explains the wedding she attended wasn't a "traditional" wedding, as it was between two women. Therefore, traditional wedding rules shouldn't apply.

She also argues that the traditional white bridal gown is problematic in its own way.

"Let's talk about wearing white to a wedding, shall we? Do you know why brides wear white to weddings? Back in the olden days it was a sign for you to signal that you were still a virgin and that you were still pure and you still had moral value and value to a man. Are we still doing that in 2022?" @laceyjadechristie says in the clip.

"Also, not assuming in 2022 that the people who are getting married are automatically brides. I'm in Australia, same sex marriage is legal here. This wedding in question actually had two brides, and one was wearing ruby red and the other was wearing emerald green," she continues.

"Just in case you're concerned, still, with your outdated theories and points of view, and before you get back on your high horse, I am the kind of person to ask the bride or the person getting married what color the bridesmaids' dresses are because I don't want to match. I would not normally wear white to a wedding, because I understand that would upset some people," @laceyjadechristie adds.

She also notes that she asked the brides up front what colors they would be wearing so as not to inadvertently match them, before explaining that not all wedding are the same and people should keep an open mind when it comes to wedding traditions.

"Not every wedding is going to fit your idea of what a wedding should look like, and that's part of the fun of it. Put your outdated views back in your head," she says.

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