You have to ask yourself, will this insanity ever stop? Yet another person has found great offense in something that should not be offensive: cotton.

Daniell Rider, while apparently shopping at a Killeen, TX Hobby Lobby location, spotted some ‘cotton ball décor’ that she found, well, offensive. Her Facebook post quickly went viral, as thousands of commenters basically told her she was an idiot. And I have to agree, an idiot she is. This nonsense needs to stop and stop now. So many people get so offended over just about anything anymore. First, you do not have a right to not be offended. Get over it.  Secondly, of all the things that anyone could be offended by, she’s bothered by this? Really?


This, she proclaims, is a “commodity gained at the expense of African-American slaves”? No, sweetheart, it’s not. If it’s even real cotton, it was a commodity harvested by a machine, and most likely not in America in the first place. Yes, I get it, what she means is it harkens back to the days of old south cotton plantations and slaves used to harvest the cotton. No, it does not. It’s a plant, in a vase, on a shelf. That’s’ it. Nothing more complicated or implied. She claims it’s not décor. Wrong again. A quick Google search reveals dozens of sources for cotton boll décor items other than this one found at Hobby Lobby. Apparently, it is, in fact, a décor item and one that sells pretty darn well.

What young Daniell is suffering from is a form of social engineering called divide and conquer. There are forces here in good old America that want to do just that--divide and conquer. Divide us, get us all mad as hell at one another about whatever they can, and gradually, brick by brick, tear America down. I think Daniell has become an unwitting partner in a social engineering project of sorts that has one goal and that this to destroy us from within. Tell people to be offended by something long enough and they will. Convince young black men and women that all white folks are racist, pro-slavery monsters and that anything and everything white people do or say is designed to keep them down, and they'll hate white people. It's real. I've seen it and been on the receiving end of it.

And this isn’t just about statues of long dead confederates or Columbus or cotton boll décor, it’s anything and everything that has historically been a part of American history and culture. Not every aspect of America has always been rosy and sweet. We’ve had our dark sides and moments, our shortcomings and our mistakes. But we’ve learned from them. Failing to learn from and acknowledge your history usually means you’re doomed to repeat it. Tearing down statues and ripping up Hobby Lobby over cotton bolls does nothing to change the past and being determined to find offense in just about anything only serves to drive those wedges deeper.

We are an exceptional nation, one that has developed into one of the most prosperous and tolerant nations ever to exist. But sometimes, we are too tolerant. And tolerating the nonsense that has led to this young woman’s ill-informed and ignorant conclusions here cannot be tolerated any longer. If Daniell is really so offended, she should absolve herself of most of her clothing, furniture, and money. Cotton or cotton fibers are used in the production of most of these. Really, what dear Daniell needs to do is stop, take a deep breath, realize that slavery in America is no longer legal nor practiced and that she is free to grow and prosper with hard work, determination, education and the free will God blessed her with. That is if she can get her head out of her butt long enough to take that first deep breath.

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