Maybe putting the World's Largest Christmas Tree in Oklahoma was a bad idea?

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When it comes to Christmas, there are certain things I love and certain things I hate. One of the things I love is the Christmas tree and I am a real tree person all the way. Growing up on the east coast, many trips were made to New York during Christmas time. That Rockefeller tree always puts a smile on my face.

Which is why I was shocked to see the World's Largest Fresh Cut Christmas Tree is actually just a few hours north of us in Enid, Oklahoma. They had their big tree lighting ceremony just two weeks ago. Well, bad news for fans of the tree. The top portion broke off of the tree.


Now before you go looking for The Grinch. It was Mother Nature who took out the tree. High winds over the weekend actually broke off the top half of the tree. Guide wires prevented the tree from falling off completely. Over the weekend, the Enid area had 30 plus mile per hour winds.


The town is currently assessing the damage to see if the tree can be repaired. Sadly I hope this is not like the leg in 'A Christmas Story'. Once that thing was broken, Christmas was sort of ruined. I would like everyone to remember another Christmas special from our good friend Charlie Brown.


Even with his little tree, everyone still had a Merry Christmas. Hopefully the tree can remain and everyone can still go check out the tree during the holidays.

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