An awesome new coaster is coming to Texas that they say is record breaking, but I don't think that's true.

So Six Flags Fiesta Texas in San Antonio announced their latest thrill ride. Dr. Diabolical’s Cliffhanger, a roller coaster with a 95 degree drop on a 75 foot dive. You will travel 60 miles per hour on 2,501 feet of track through twists and turns including an Immelmann inversion, a 270-degree zero-g roll, a wild-banked turn, an extreme airtime hill, and a high-speed spiral finale.

You can watch the preview video above for the coaster that will be built over the next year. I do have a bone to pick with Six Flags. They're calling this the World's Steepest Coaster, of course I am going to look up World's Steepest Coaster on Google. Six Flags, are you lying to us?

The World's Steepest Coaster is currently at the American Dream Meadowlands. TMNT Shellraiser has a 121.5 degree vertical drop, if my math is correct. That would mean their drop has 26.5 more degrees of drop than yours. Come on Six Flags, don't be lying to us. However, I think Six Flags may have the biggest steep drop roller coaster. Let me explain what I mean by that.


These steep dive coasters tend to have a small amount of passengers on them. For instance, that TMNT one mentioned above can only hold eight people max. In my research for other steep coasters around the world I can only find a max of 12 people allowed on one cart at a time.

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This one that Six Flags is building will be holding 21 people at a time. Almost double what the other coasters can do. So it may not be the steepest, but it is the biggest in that respect. I am sure that will get them some sort of record, but this new coaster still looks like one awesome time. Hopefully the one in Arlington gets something similar in the future.

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