You think throwing up a link about how good (or bad) Donald Trump (or Hillary Clinton) is makes a difference? Think again.

Social media marketing company Rantic conducted a study of 10,000 people on Facebook to find out whether writing updsates on social media about politics can sway opinions of the people who read them. The result?

It found that 94 percent of Republicans, 92 percent of Democrats, and 85 percent of independents say they have never changed their view of an issue because of a Facebook post.

Like those people who post photos of their dinner, their kids doing everything from sunrise to sunset and their feet dangling at the end of a beach chair while they hold a glass of wine, we all have those friends who consistently post about how Clinton should be in jail or Trump is a hate-monger, but it seems the only opinion they may be shaping is the way others view them. That's because a good chunk of us judge our friends on their political beliefs (especially Republicans).


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