memorial day

10 Hilarious Barbecue ‘Fails’ for Memorial Day
As Memorial Day opens the gate to summer, we all begin to plan our outdoor activities. Most of us will find a reason to get outside for the long weekend and enjoy food, friends, family and some delicious beverages. And really, it wouldn’t be a summer holiday without some grilling.
10 Moving Soldier Homecomings for Memorial Day
The service men and women of our country make huge sacrifices to fight battles on our behalf and keep the freedoms we hold dear. One of those sacrifices is being away from their families and loved ones for long periods of time.
Pledge of Allegiance Explained – Happy Memorial Day Weekend
For several years, I would start my summer with a trip North to visit my family about this time of year. The drive would always take me through the same small town on Memorial Day morning. I think that town had at least one flag for each resident and they were lined up throughout what I'm sure …

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