No, I'm not talking about the Hollywood movie franchise.  I'm talking about the (miserably) failed gun running operation the Justice Department tried to pull off between 2009 and 2011.  It sent thousands of weapons to Mexican drug cartels via straw purchasers — people who purchased guns in the United States with the known intention of illegally trafficking them somewhere else.

Attorney General Eric Holder claimed no knowledge of the gun running operation when the lid blew off in 2010, following the murder of U.S. Border Patrol Agent Brian Terry on December 14 of that year.  Over the coming months, more than 130 republican members of the house and senate called for Holder to either resign or for Obama to remove him as Attorney General.

A Rasmussen poll last summer showed bipartisan support among likely voters for Holder's ouster.  But fast forward to January 2013.  The presidential election has come and gone.  A cowardly nut case used guns stolen from his mother's home to commit multiple murders of small children who couldn't fight back and, despite Paul Ryan's one time prediction that even Obama wouldn't go for more gun control, that's exactly where we are.  Liberals, true to their never-let-a-good-crisis-go-to-waste nature wasted no time in making hay with the Connecticut tragedy.

Even though a report late in 2012 'cleared' Holder in the Fast and Furious flap, calls for his ouster have persisted.  But Obama has refused to listen to even critics from his own side of the aisle.  And what has Mr. Holder done?  Apologized?  No.  Offered up previously refused documentation?  Nope.  Given even a glimmer of a reasonable explanation?  Not on your life!  Eric Holder played the race card, saying his critics hate him because he's black.  His critics would never dare to question his character, his credibility, his honesty (or lack thereof).  No, it's all about his color.  And always has been.  That's what he and Obama would like you to believe.  But Holder will stay on as Obama's chief law enforcement officer, with the blood of Agent Terry and God only knows how many Mexican citizens on his hands.