Occasionally, a man has to take a break from the worry of the world and break out his tools and do what men do best…build!  As Tim the Tool Man would say, "arh arh arh hahah arh…" or something to that effect.  So I spent a few hours this weekend laying ceramic tile.  It’s a task not meant for the weak, meek or stupid.  It requires precision cutting, precise measurements, gallons of adhesive, barrels of grout and a desire to test the limits of your arterial walls.  The science behind this stuff hasn’t changed much.  Hard yet fragile tiles and saws that could cut a feral hogs head off.  Fortunately, some wise individual invented kneepads.  We fat men are eternally grateful for those.  I hope whoever thought of them actually got to profit from them.  Without them, I’d need a team of EMT’s to get me off that floor.  My project hit few snags and looks good.  I even snagged a few pointers from Gary Sullivan (Saturday’s at 1pm on News Talk 1290-how’s that for a shameless plug?)  All in all, it worked out good, so far.  But, the week is new and now we’re off to the races.  Stocks, gas prices, war, pestilence and overall insanity are back on the job!