Presidents' Day is February 15th and what better way to celebrate than to look back and learn a little bit about our past presidents. No need to crack open a history book, though. Just pop in your earbuds, kick back, and give these songs a listen.

Matt Beat is a high school history teacher in Kansas. At least that's his day job. He also is a multi-instrumentalist musician with Electric Needle Room. Beat has found new ways to incorporate both worlds into one and create fun videos and songs to help teach his students about history.

One of the biggest projects he completed was this set of songs about all the former President's Of The United States. Seriously, each of the 42 former presidents gets an entire, unique, historically accurate, and pretty catchy song about himself.

From George Washington to George W. Bush, every former Commander In Chief is there. Check out the playlist below to hear them all. Looks like the soundtrack for your Presidents' Day is all taken care of.Just don't blame us when you find yourself singing along about Gerald Ford and James Garfield.

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