Everyone’s had fun with the ‘Let’s Go Brandon’ line over the past few months. We all know the story of how this line came into existence. I feel bad (sort of) for NASCAR driver Brandon Brown, the man whose name was injected into history by a sports reporter back in October. For a short time, Brown repelled the notion of getting involved in the political scene. But he appeared ready to embrace the “Let’s Go Brandon” movement after it was announced in late December his team had been approached for a sponsorship deal with LGBCoin, a new cryptocurrency. NASCAR rejected the sponsorship just days later. As much as they’d like to separate themselves from it all, it’s useless. It’s not going away.

The Biden administration has brought all this ire and anger upon themselves with inflation levels not seen in decades and horrible decision making in response to the pandemic, just to name a couple of major headaches. The immediate cancellation of the Keystone XL pipeline and sweeping changes to oil and gas regulations have set us back tremendously in terms of energy independence.  And while we all have a laugh over the Presidents lousy governing and inability to articulate so many things, I have to say I am more than a bit uncomfortable with the laughter at times. Let me explain why.

I have stated before that I believe the President is suffering from some form of dementia. I base this assertion on my own observations of him on television, his actions and reactions and comparing those observations of him today with what we saw a decade ago. I have personally been a caregiver to family members with dementia (Alzheimer’s, specifically) and I know the many hallmarks of the disease. I see them in this man. And we only get to see 5% of him. The other 95% is hidden behind the curtain, away from public view.

Our allies and enemies are fully aware that our commander-in-chief’s cognitive health is far less than adequate. It’s a scary situation to consider: who’s really at the helm? It seems quite clear that there is much President Biden is not capable of given the cognitive decline he’s suffering. We have rapidly changing situations in Ukraine and with the Chinese with regards to Taiwan. Having watched a half dozen family members fall victim to Alzheimer’s I can tell you how this plays out. One morning, Joe Biden will wake up, not be able to communicate his own name, and will not get out of bed on his own ever again. This only gets worse.

The very notion that there will be a second Biden term is itself uncomfortably laughable at this point. So many of his supporters seem to either be in complete denial of what we see unfolding or are just too dumb to get it.  I see what’s happening because I have seen it before firsthand. There are no survivor stories with dementia. It’s deadly. Period. It doesn’t care what your name is, what your job title is or how important anyone thinks you are. A dementia patient can spiral quickly with little warning. There is no drug that can stop its progression or reverse its effects. For now, the damage is permanent and the long-term prognosis for all who fall victim to its wrath is death.

As for the question of who’s in charge-there’s all sorts of speculation. Dozens of retired military officers expressed deep concerns of this administration early on, remember? 125 retired military generals and admirals penned an open letter in an attempt to illuminate some of the most serious threats facing this country, including the president’s clearly diminishing mental capacity. They also questioned the integrity of the election itself. Regardless of your view on the fairness of the 2020 elections, that cloud will never completely go away.

The immediate assumption would be that VP Harris is handling the day-to-day dealings within the West Wing, but I wouldn’t count on that. She’s been one of the least-visible VP’s we’ve seen in years. What’s more, her own party clearly doesn’t respect her. And it’s clear there’s a rift between Biden and Harris that will likely never heal.  So, who’s minding the store? Susan Rice? Former President Obama by proxy? Some cabal of former politicians or military leaders bored with retirement? Regardless of what any of us may think is happening, I can promise you, it’s bigger and more complex that we know. At the core, the leadership isn’t coming from the man that 81 million of you reportedly voted for.

Exactly who is running what will be a matter of speculation for a long time to come. No one is going to admit anything to any of us. The Washington elite view you and I as too stupid and too unsophisticated to understand the minutia of it all. Most of us are just bunch of rubes in their book and so they’re doing us all a favor by feeding us crap and keeping us in the blind. You know, like mushrooms? November will leave the Democrats bloody and bruised and Republican gains will be swift. The big question is will they (Republicans) actually do something meaningful with THIS opportunity, or just squander it as they have in the past?

History will not look back upon the Biden Presidency fondly at all. He will be regarded as the most distrusted, least respected and least admired POTUS ever. The sad part is that those who surround him, who we must assume at least claim to care about him, have allowed him to be in the position he’s in; an elderly man with a failing mind and body thrust into one of the most intense and demanding positions anyone could be in-President of the United States. It’s tough to find any real humor in any of it.

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