The fear of flooding is gone. Wichita Falls has gotten out of the drought and the waters have subsided around people's homes. Now, there's one big question on everyone's minds. What do we do with all these leftover sandbags? Good news! Here's 5 ideas to put that sand to use!

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    World's Biggest Sand Castle

    Ditch the bags. Dump out the sand. Get to building. Let's use our artistic prowess and create something that could become a tourist destination. Place it next to the World's Littlest Skyscraper. We'll draw travelers from all over the world!

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    World's Biggest Kitty Litter Box

    We've got plenty of empty lots around town that need something. What if we made one of them into the cat restroom the world will remember. Put all that sand in one place, throw out a little catnip, and the rest will take care of itself.

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    Sand Bag Excercise Classes

    Let's get into shape, Wichita Falls! You've seen workout routines involving medicine balls. All we need is one good instructor to get this one going. We can lift, throw, and jump over sandbags until Wichita Falls is the healthiest city in Texas.

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    Sandbag Swimming Pools

    You may have seen pictures on the internet about building temporary swimming pools with hay bails. Hay is for horses! What we have are sandbags. Stack them up in the shape of a pool, put a tarp in the middle, and start filling it up. You'll be playing Marco Polo in no time!

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    The Great Wall Of Wichita

    Why should China have all the glory? Everything is bigger in Texas, anyway. We just decide where to start, bring all the sandbags, and start stacking. Just one rule: Don't turn all Berlin and divide the city. This is a time for us to unite!