The last couple of debates have been painful to watch.  Seeing Michele Bachmann hanging on for dear life, Mitt Romney looking more like a televangelist than a guy who could be our next president (it's the hair) and Rick Perry slowly, but ever so surely, melting down.  Tonight simply took the cake.  In tonight's Republican debate in Michigan, Governor Perry suffered a brief bout of forgetfulness that was at best embarrassing and at worst a total implosion.  And this race has really only just begun.  I just don't know what to make of our Governor lately.  Last weeks speech in New Hampshire in front of an audience at Cornerstone Action seemed silly to some.  Others accused the governor of being drunk.  I think he was just trying to be a regular guy, having a little fun in front of an audience he was comfortable with.  Too comfortable with it would seem.  And, as usual, the far-left, liberal hack job media-at-large had a field day with it.  Wednesday evenings Michigan debate just throws more gas on the fire.  I don't think it's too late for our governor to recover.  But if I were Rick Perry, I'd start to seriously re-evaluate my plan of attack.  And it wouldn't hurt to closely examine just who is guiding him in all of this.  Didn't some of Newt's team defect to team Perry early on?  Surely they wouldn't be....nah!  They wouldn't.  Would they?

See Governor Perry in the Michigan debate here.

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