Texas Agricultural Commissioner Sid Miller called into The Chad Hasty Show on Thursday on News/Talk 95.1 & 790 KFYO to discuss the outpouring of support for Donald Trump and whether the polls are correct they show Texas as a toss-up state. Miller said that the polls showing Texas being a toss-up state were all wrong.

"The polls are all wrong. The over-sample Democrats by 8-15%, women by 5-8%, under-sampled Republicans, and they didn't sample because there's no way to sample the all the new Trump supporters. The last figures I saw, our early voting was up 150% so there is an extra 20 or 25% that are voting that have never voted before and I don't think they're Bernie supporters or Obama supporters. I think they're God-fearing, loving Texans that like Trump."

Miller was asked his opinion on whether or not Hillary Clinton will be impeached if elected. Some GOP lawmakers have already hinted at, or come right out and said, that if Clinton wins on Tuesday she could be impeached. Miller didn't hold back when discussing the possibility of Clinton being impeached, saying that it was "likely" if she were to win.

"I think that's very likely. With what we've learned now that the Clinton Foundation has been under investigation by the FBI for a year. And we didn't know about it. She's under investigation again. Should have been from the first time they went through it. Thank goodness they are back on it now. It doesn't look good for her. I believe in the American way you're innocent until proven guilty but this doesn't pass the smell test."

Miller also addressed a controversy from earlier in the week where a vulgar tweet was sent from Commissioner Miller's Twitter account. Miller said that because of all the attention he had been receiving by appearing on FOX News and Rush Limbaugh plus the mentions made by Donald Trump at earlier rallies, Miller had hired staff to help boost his social media presence. Miller said that it was a staffer that had copied and pasted the tweet from another user. However, the staffer thought the tweet said Clinton and not the vulgar 4-letter word that was actually used. Miller says now there will be two set of eyes that see tweets before they are actually sent out. Miller also blamed Democrats for making a "one day story" last longer.

"I hired a couple of people. I said alright, I can't do it. I got meetings all day long at TDA and I'm working all day long. Yall prowl around there and if you find something that is interesting or useful for the campaign just copy and paste it or retweet it. So they did some of that and you can go back and look and some of the stuff they put up. They found a real interesting poll, one of the first ones that actually had Trump leading. It was 43-42. They didn't read it closely. It said Trump...they thought it said Clinton. It didn't say Clinton, it said something else. So they put that up, honest mistake, should have never happened. We've got two set of eyes on everything now that's going out."

During the interview on News/Talk 95.1 & 790, KFYO, Commissioner Miller also said that while he wasn't thinking that far ahead, he would have to consider a position in a Trump administration if asked. One other issue Miller addressed? Hit big white hat. At a rally in Las Vegas, Trump talked about Sid Miller's appearance on FOX News and talked about Miller's "big white hat". When asked if Miller would send Trump his hat if Trump won the election Miller laughed and said, "I'm not going to let him have mine". Miller did say that several hat companies have made offers to custom make a hat that would "hold all that hair in place".

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