I mean that's what The Grinch does is ruin Christmas and boy were some kids upset .

Texas Pastor at it Again with Anti-Santa Message

^Anybody remember this guy from a few years ago? That would be Pastor David Grisham out of Amarillo, Texas. This video went quite viral a few years ago of him at a mall harassing the local Santa Claus. We all know Christmas is celebrating the birth of Jesus Christ, however David does not like the attention Santa gets during December. Well David was at it again this week, this time at an elementary school. I kid you not, like the Scooby Doo gang it was David behind the mask.



David Grisham LITERALLY Dressed as the Grinch

I am sure the last time David went viral for harassing a Santa at a mall, people called him a Grinch. Well David showed us just how Grinchy he can be, by donning a Grinch costume and holding a sign that read, "SANTA IS FAKE JESUS IS REAL". Parents tried to call the cops on The Grinch, but he's technically not breaking any laws since he was on a public sidewalk.

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School Releases Statement on The Grinch

The school which is for PreK to fifth grade students had to release a statement because parents thought it was one of the teachers under the Grinch mask. Nope, just David up to his anti-Santa agenda again. We will see where David ends up next to ruin Christmas because I have feeling this won't be the last time.

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