Is it just me or are there more Grinches than Santa Clauses roaming around North Texas this year? 

Seriously, I don’t go more than two days without seeing The Grinch here in Wichita Falls. And most of the time he’s cruising around on a motorcycle. 

While I rarely ever dress in a costume, I appreciate it when others do. It’s especially cool to see the joy little kids get from seeing someone in a Santa or Grinch costume.

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However, as common as it is to see someone dressed as The Grinch around here this time of year, the person is usually on the ground, not in the sky like the one that was spotted on the paraglider over a neighborhood in the Metroplex last weekend. 

This means the person in the below video is into two things yours truly isn’t a fan of. Not only am I not into dressing in costume, but heights weird me out in a bad way. So, I can say with 100% certainty that you will never catch me paragliding – much less with a Grinch costume on.

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