Here’s a pleasant surprise.

After initial reports that the future of AMC theaters was in doubt, the world’s largest theater chain has now announced that it will reopen in anticipation of moviegoers flocking to theaters to see the upcoming Christopher Nolan film, Tenet.

Warner Bros. set an initial release date of July 17 for the movie, but the latest trailer didn’t provide a release date, which led to speculation that the release date would be moved back or that the movie would be released in digital formats only. However, according to The Dallas Morning News, AMC CEO Adam Aron claimed the film would still be released at that time, according to recent conversations he had.

Governor Abbott’s Phase 3 reopening guidelines limits movie theaters to 50% capacity, but Aron said the plan is to increase showings on opening night to meet demand.

Christopher Nolan has a knack for blockbusters and personally, Tenet looks good enough for me to prefer seeing it in a theater – maybe not necessarily on opening night, but there’s nothing quite like the theater experience. Count me in.

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