A place I visit at least twice a year is gonna make me think twice about getting some food the next time I go.

A new report from ESPN talks about food safety at all sporting stadiums. Whether it be NFL, NBA, NHL, or MLB. Of course the first thing I do is click on Dallas to see where we rank. Not good news, American Airlines has the third most food safety violations in ALL of the stadiums ranked. I've never had any complaints, but now I will think twice about getting food when I go.

The arena had 65 areas to inspect, but 54 of those had what they call high safety food violations. Which could potentially kill or get people extremely sick. The three major ones were bugs present at a bar area, contaminated ice machines and moldy food being found in the kitchen.

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How about over in Arlington? The Cowboys rank in the middle for food safety violations in the NFL.  With it being a much bigger venue, they had 319 total areas to inspect. 149 of those had high food safety violations. Inspectors noticed a chef was sweating profusely while cooking over people's food. Live cockroaches at one food stand and sushi was being kept at a warmer temperature before it should be served to people.

Looks like we have a trend here in North Texas. Globe Life Park in Arlington ranks the third highest for food safety violations in all of MLB. Live cockroaches found at one food stand, bird poop was present in a food handling area, and a horrible odor as one inspector called it was coming from the drain lines. Globe Life Park had 156 areas inspected, 111 of those had a high food safety violation.

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I am aware that no one will ever have a 100% pass on a food safety violations. They will always find something. It's just not good to see the stadiums I frequent the most near the top of these lists. Check out the full ESPN story for all the info. With the Stars sharing American Airlines Center, it puts them as the worst in the NHL for food safety violations.