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This week's edition of American Liberty is divided into two parts. The first two segments deal with the Environmental, Social, and Governance Score. You can listen to those two below and see what Bill had to say on the segments.


1. What is your ESG Score? (Environmental, Social, and Governance Score). Whereas it used to be the case that our "Credit Rating" assisted businesses in order to loan us money to purchase cars, houses, etc,-- now the Biden Administration is pushing for an ESG score. How well do you conform to the Green Environmental Agenda? What "social score" will you register by combing through your social media accounts? Your Governance score will be about how well you "conform" to such things as VAX mandates. Instead of "Carbon Footprint"--Americans need be concerned with the "Government Footprint" that has become totalitarian in nature to give you an ESG score.

In the following two segments, Bill had two guests in studio to discuss the latest info on the Covid vaccines. You can listen to those two segments and see what Bill had to say below.


2. SPECIAL GUESTS: DEREK RUVALCABA; CLAY COLLINS, on VAX MANDATES. Derek and Clay, both in the medical community, sound the alarm regarding the BRAND NEW, ignored by the MSM, data-dump by Pfizer and the FDA pertaining to ADVERSE REACTIONS to the Vaccines. In a startling case of government cover-up and suppression, only to be outed in a court of law, these huge companies have been forced to reveal the REAL stories behind the vaccines. Listen and learn from Derek and Clay on this ground-breaking story.

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