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Senator John Kennedy (R-LA) suggests on Fox News, when addressing the increasing violence in America, that one of the primary problems is poor education. A better education for our youth, he suggests, will help curtail violence.

While it is true that the National Education Association is instilling nonsense, such as
Common Core Globalist Agendas and Woke Ideology masquerading as education, it
needs to be emphasized that a good education does not necessarily instill good morals.
Escalating violence from our youth will not be staunched by more or better academics.

The problem is traceable to the home, or rather the disintegration of the American

In public schools, there is a total lack of respect for authority among a growing number
of students—respect which is only learned in a home environment. Large segments of
student bodies are openly defiant and strongly oppositional to any authority
figure—particularly teachers, school administrators, and even the police, which is now
required to monitor the halls of learning.

This disrespect is among all races, but predominantly occurs among racial minorities.
Oppositional and defiant attitudes plague these minority cultures in America and not
coincidentally, this is where there is an alarming lack of fatherhood in the home.

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For example, in African-American homes the number of children growing up without a
father is close to 75%. In Hispanic homes the number is closer to 50%; and in white
homes those numbers are in the one-third range.

By glancing at these numbers one would expect that a larger percentage of disrespect
and violence would be among African-Americans—and that is exactly what we
experience on the streets and in the school-room. It is traceable to a lack of a nuclear
family. And all the while Black Lives Matter champions the destruction of that nuclear
family. Disrespect for authority is the predicted result.

In steps the Texas Education Association which recognizes the source of disruption in
the classroom. But instead of allowing local districts to control their classrooms via the
teachers, TEA exacerbates the problem by mandating that removals of students from
out-of-control school-rooms be managed by “racial percentages.”

In other words, the TEA wants schools to curtail discretionary alternative placement
settings for African-Americans because larger percentages of African-Americans in
those placements must mean that someone who made that placement is racist.

What is the result? Teachers are having more and more difficulties in managing the
classroom; parents who bother to visit the school house are more belligerent than their
offspring; the police that roam the halls are forbidden to touch the students; and all our
politicians can do is suggest that these kids need a better education. No. The root of the
problem is the lack of a godly family, including a father that teaches his child to respect
authority. “The fear [respect] of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom.”

As President James A. Garfield once stated, “The sanctity of marriage and the family
relation make the corner-stone of our American society and civilization.” With respect to
Senator John Kennedy, this is the cornerstone that is crumbling. Better education does
not fix it.

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