Bill Lockwood continues to interview locals that are being affected by vaccine mandates here in Wichita Falls.

Tomorrow morning on NewsTalk 1290, you can listen to American Liberty with Bill Lockwood at 11 AM. For several weeks, Bill has had guests in the studio discussing the vaccine mandate policy at United Regional and also last week discussing the new sick leave pool for Wichita Falls employees.

You will be able to check out the full show tomorrow morning, but today I wanted to share Dr. Jack Askins interview. He is a cardiologist in town and he has been very vocal on his opinion about vaccines. Jack talks about the city's new sick leave policy that discriminates against those that are unvaccinated.

Give a listen to Dr. Askin's interview segments above. Also, if you want to listen to last week's show where Bill and fellow guests discussed this new policy, you can do that here. Derek Ruvalcaba (a former United Regional employee), Steve Jackson (member of the Wichita Falls City Council), and Annie Jackson (member of Patriot Strength in Wichita Falls) all talked about this new policy that is going into effect in our city.

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If you want to listen to more of American Liberty with Bill Lockwood, we have several of his interviews the past couple months talking about vaccine mandates in Wichita Falls. You can give those a listen here.

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